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Discovery Park District is creating a ‘First in the Nation’ network platform

The Convergence Center for Innovation and Collaboration in Discovery Park District is home to the Purdue Foundry.

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) — The Purdue Research Foundation is making plans to create a “connected community” across Discovery Park District, bringing advanced connectivity solutions and services to residents, retailers, companies, and innovators in the district.

The foundation says it is partnering with Tilson, a network deployment services firm headquartered in Maine, to build the innovative technology infrastructure.

The research foundation says Tilson will create a first-in-the-nation neutral host platform allowing the district to deploy 5G capabilities from a variety of providers.

District residents will be able to choose from a range of internet service providers.

Purdue says by deploying this technology, the district will enable collaborators to test and innovate in emerging technology fields, such as Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and big data.

“The connected solutions of the future require a different technology architecture than we use today,” said David Broecker, chief innovation and collaboration officer at Purdue Research Foundation. “The development of a neutral host platform at Discovery Park District will enhance the opportunities to advance and apply technology to our research, business, and homes. Tilson’s infrastructure investment will provide our researchers and innovators with access to a suite of technology in a live, work, play community they can’t find anywhere else.”

PRF says Tilson will build and own 15 miles of fiber in the Discovery Park District, which will provide the backbone for connectivity.

Broecker says the partnership will create one of the most connected communities in the world, built to provide immersive connectivity and technology adoptions as it evolves.


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