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Fort Wayne company producing ventilators

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) – Fort Wayne-based Phoenix America has developed an emergency use ventilator for healthcare providers. The manufacturer says it had been contacted to supply parts for emergency use ventilators when it decided to start producing its own, called the PhoenixAir.

Scott Mentzer, Phoenix America’s vice president of sales and operations, says he believes the company can quickly scale up operations and produce its PhoenixAir ventilator for 5% the cost of traditional, full featured ventilators.

The manufacturer says the demands of the application and the worldwide need has the Phoenix America team determined to play a larger role.

“Our engineering talent along with several northeast Indiana customers and suppliers of ours has all the skills and capacity to produce these emergency use ventilators,” said Mentzer.

Phoenix America says it has reached out to several medical professionals for guidance. Intervention Radiologist Dr. Fred Vandeman said not only can the device help patients when a traditional ventilators are not available, it can potentially reduce some of the personnel burden on hospitals.

Phoenix America says its ventilator aims to be a backup and may only need to be used if hospitals don’t have enough ventilators to service all of their patients.