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Fort Wayne included among ‘Best-Run Cities’

(photo courtesy of Greater Fort Wayne Inc.)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Inside INdiana Business) – Several Indiana cities have been named in a study of America’s best- and worst-run cities. The study, conducted by Washington D.C.-based WalletHub, compared 150 of the largest U.S. cities using 38 different metrics to determine which are managed the best.

The study focused its findings on six key categories: financial stability, education, health, safety, economy and infrastructure and pollution.

Fort Wayne ranks the highest among Hoosier cities at No. 8. The study also ranks Indianapolis at No. 110 and Gary at No. 141.

The study calculated an overall “Quality of City Services” score for each city based on its weighted average across all the metrics. For each city, WalletHub says it divided the Quality of City Services score by the “Total Budget per Capita” to develop a “Score per Dollar Spent” index, or overall rank, which was used to rank-order the cities in the study’s sample.

WalletHub says we can learn how well city officials manage and spend public funds by comparing the quality of services residents receive against the city’s total budget.

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You can view the entire study by clicking here.