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Historic Hulman & Co. building acquired

(photo courtesy of Clabber Girl Corp.)

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) – Terre Haute native Greg Gibson has purchased the historic Hulman and Co. building in the city’s downtown. The building, which was originally used for the company’s wholesale foods business, is currently used by Clabber Girl Corp. and is home to Clabber Girl’s Bake Shop Café and offices.

Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed. Gibson is the chairman of Spectacle Jack LLC, which is developing the new casino in Terre Haute.

“When making this purchase, I considered this an opportunity to keep the ownership of this prominent piece of our city’s history within our Terre Haute family. With my commitment and involvement in downtown Terre Haute, I thought this provided an important piece of the puzzle not only from a development and historic standpoint, but for the future of our downtown,” said Gibson.

Going forward, Gibson says he will continue to work closely with the Hulman family in determining
the future of the Clabber Girl Museum and will honor all current leasing agreements; tenants will continue operating with no immediate changes.

Last year, Hulman & Co. sold Clabber Girl to New Jersey-based B&G Foods Inc. (NYSE: BGS) last year. Gibson says he is working closely with B&G Foods regarding leasing agreements for the café and office spaces for Clabber Girl.

The building previously served as the world headquarters for Hulman & Co. Former Chief Executive Officer Tony George says the decision to sell the building was an important one.

“Over the past several years, we have carefully made decisions as to how we would responsibly pass along the stewardship of many beloved family and company assets to best preserve the Hulman legacy,” said George. “We believe the vision, energy and commitment Greg Gibson has for downtown Terre Haute will serve the Hulman legacy and the Terre Haute community well.”