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Horse Saddle Shop pivots to 3D printed masks

(photo courtesy of the Horse Saddle Shop)

BREMEN, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) – Bremen-based Horse Saddle Shop says it has suspended producing its EZ Saddle Fit Tool so that the company can focus on 3D printing face shields for the medical community. The company says it has now dedicated its three larger 3D printers to face shield parts on a full-time basis.

The company says each printer can produce about two shields per hour.

Chuck Klockow, owner of Horse Saddle Shop said, “It was an easy decision to stop producing our Saddle Fit Tools and dedicate our printers to print face shields. There is a definite shortage and I’m happy to help protect those on the front line in any way I can.”

The National Institute of Health has an approved design that anyone with a 3D printer can use. Horse Saddle Shop says it is working with Swedish Covenant Hospital Foundation which assembles, sterilizes, and distributes the face shields to hospitals in the northern Indiana and Chicago area.