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Indiana American Water finishes Sheridan facility

SHERIDAN, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) — Greenwood-based Indiana American Water(IAW) has marked the completion of a nearly $10 million upgrade of its Sheridan wastewater treatment facility. IAW says the investment enabled the project to triple the facility’s ability to handle daily flows, add a larger capacity clarifier and a second aeration treatment basin, among other improvements. 

Indiana American Water President Matt Prine says the wastewater system had received several notice violations of its national discharge permits for several years following bypass and overflow events.

“These improvements will provide significant additional treatment capacity so we can treat wastewater that historically has overflowed or been bypassed into the environment,” said Prine.

Prine says most of Sheridan’s wastewater system was built decades ago and was nearing the end. He adds investments made at the Sheridan facility since 2018 will enable the space to again be compliant with state and federal regulations.

“The sale of the system to Indiana American Water allowed us to bring the expertise, economies of scale and needed capital to provide a solution to issues the Town was facing. At the same time, it also gave them the resources to focus on other community needs and priorities,” said Prine.

Wessler Engineering and Reynolds Construction designed and built the new wastewater facility, which serves approximately 2,500 wastewater customers.