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Indiana Landmarks to rehab Wabash neighborhood

The Wabash Sheriff's House and Jail was recently renovated and put on the market by Indiana Landmarks.

WABASH, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) — Six historic homes in a Wabash neighborhood will be rehabilitated by Indiana Landmarks in an attempt to sell the homes next year. Indiana Landmarks plans to overhaul the exteriors of the homes and to add curb appeal before putting them on the market in early 2021. 

“When 23 historic houses recently came up for auction in Wabash, we saw an opportunity to make a big impact,” said Marsh Davis, president of Indiana Landmarks. “We decided to focus on six of the most architecturally significant homes in a concentrated area.”

The homes are located in the East Wabash Historic District, which is listed on the National Register, and most recently were used as rental housing, with some being transformed into apartments.  

“These homes today are detractors for that neighborhood,” said Parker Beauchamp, Wabash native, business owner and past chairman of Indiana Landmarks’ board of directors. “Once Indiana Landmarks has fixed them up, I hope the biggest detractors will become the biggest attractors, the reason why people would move to that neighborhood.”

Indiana Landmarks says some of the homes were built in the 1870s, while others were erected in the 1910s, and include a small, wood-frame house to large Victorian homes.

“From our past experience with Indiana Landmarks, we know that these houses are going to be returned to a much better condition and standard once they are done with them,” said Wabash Mayor Scott Long. “Wabash is seeing a resurgence of people who want to take on historic homes and repair them to their former grandeur, but it’s been tough to buy in certain categories. We hope this fills a need.”

Indiana Landmarks says the projects carry an estimated price tag of $770,000 and will be funded by Indiana Landmarks, the city of Wabash and private donations. 

The homes to be renovated:

  • 143 E. Main Street
  • 196 E. Main Street
  • 218 E. Main Street
  • 189 N. Wabash Street
  • 106-108 E. Hill Street
  • 58 N. Allen Street

Indiana Landmarks previously partnered with Wabash to buy and rehab the 1848-built Alber House, which is the city’s oldest extant house, along with working with the Wabash County Commission on the 1880 Wabash Sheriff’s House and Jail, which was listed on the Landmarks’ 10 Most Endangered list.