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Kimball International invests in machinery upgrades

Kimball International is headquartered in Jasper. (IIB Photo/Wes Mills)

JASPER (Inside INdiana Business) – Jasper-based Kimball International Inc. (Nasdaq: KBAL) is investing in its Salem manufacturing facility. The company says the undisclosed investment will bring automated metal manufacturing technology to the facility.

The equipment, which is made by Salvagnini in Ohio, processes sheet metal into a variety of products, using punching, cutting, bending, and panel bending technology without intervention from operators. Kimball says it is the most technologically-advanced sheet metal manufacturing equipment available and will be the first of its kind in the United States.

“Kimball International is focused intently on building world-class operations capabilities in our communities,” said
Greg Meunier, executive vice president of global operations. “I’m excited that we will be installing this exceptional
equipment in our Salem facility over the next year. I believe it will propel us forward in our manufacturing
capabilities and give our Salem employees more opportunity and expertise in this area.”

According to Kimball, the equipment will improve sustainability efforts while decreasing waste and improving material utilization.

“We are incredibly proud of our long-standing presence here in Salem,” said Lonnie Nicholson, chief human resources officer for Kimball International. “Building a world-class metal operation like this one is an important investment that will benefit both our people at Kimball International and the Salem community.”

Kimball did not specify whether any jobs would be created as a result of the investment.