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New Strada Survey Looks at Impact of COVID-19

(image courtesy of Strada Education Network)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) – Indianapolis-based Strada Education Network has released the findings of its new survey, Public Viewpoint: COVID-19 Work and Education Survey. According to the organization, the survey examines how the disease impacts Americans’ lives, their work, and their needs for education and training.

Survey results found that more than half of Americans report feeling concerned, cautious, and/or worried in the first round of the weekly study. Strada says its intent is to provide insights to the education providers, policymakers, employers, and individual Americans who are navigating this crisis.

According to the first week of the survey’s results, nearly half the workforce already has lost income, the majority of people are worried about losing their jobs, and most Americans believe their finances will be negatively impacted.

Some of the study’s key findings include:

• The majority of Americans are feeling concerned (64%), cautious (59%) and worried (51%).

• Among those in the workforce, 57% are worried they will lose their jobs (15% extremely worried, 14% very worried, 28% somewhat worried).

• One-third (33%) believe that if they lose their jobs, they will need additional education and new skills to find a comparable one.

You can view the full survey results by clicking here.