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NSA Crane expecting major job growth

ODON, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) — Naval Support Activity Crane is projecting job growth in the southern Indiana. During a “State of the Installation” address at the White River Military Coordination Alliance’s fourth-quarter meeting, NSA Crane said it plans to hire between 300-500 personnel over the next several years.

Commander James Smith, commanding officer of NSA Crane, gave the address and said the installation is looking to fill jobs in four primary areas: business, technical, emergency management and public works, and advanced manufacturing.

“Over the next three years, Crane plans to continue to hire above our attrition, supporting growth across the installation and tenet missions,” Smith said. “We also foresee new and expanded mission areas, further strengthening our strategic value within the state, region, and Department of Defense.”

Smith cited the U.S. Department of Defense’s recently-announced Joint Hypersonics Transition Office Systems Engineering Field Activity planned for the installation. He said the office will bring $200 million in infrastructure and program development to the installation, which will be used for a new Underwater Launch Test Complex, as well as additional labs and evaluation facilities.

NSA Crane says it has also identified new areas for collaboration through intergovernmental support agreements, including bulk material purchasing, service agreements and mutual aid agreements for disaster recovery and emergency services.

Through the continued use of collaborative planning, partnerships, and compatible development and encroachment protection programs, economic growth can continue to take root in the larger regional and state ecosystem for defense development, while continuing to protect those critical mission areas for the installation and protecting our strategic value,” said Smith.

NSA Crane is home to Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division and Crane Army Ammunition Activity.