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ProTeam Tactical opens second facility in Grand Park

WESTFIELD, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) – ProTeam Tactical Performance has opened its second location inside Grand Park’s Pacers Athletic Center in Westfield. The new 3800-square-foot facility provides rehab and recovery practices to Hoosier firefighters and police officers.

The company is led by former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Jim Sorgi and former St. Louis Cardinals right fielder Joey Vandever. The pair utilizes practices used for pro-athletes and tailors them to programming for people with tactical professions.

“As professional athletes, we had access to some of the best resources available when it came to rehabbing and recovering from injuries to get back on the field,” Sorgi said. “Our mission at ProTeam Tactical Performance is to put similar resources, approaches and solutions to work for our first responders and help them get back to work in a quick, safe and efficient manner — and hopefully even prevent injuries before they happen.”

The new ProTeam Tactical Performance facility includes capabilities for the use of DARI Motion technology. The DARI Motion system takes a complete evaluation of the muscular skeletal data of an individual in 10 minutes through a series of 19 movements in front of cameras, which will then be analyzed for imbalances and problem areas.

The Indianapolis Fire Department and Whitestown Fire Department, currently use the FDA-approved musculoskeletal assessment tool.

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The company says the tool can even pinpoint potential points of future injuries, which could end up saving departments time and money. ProTeam Tactical Performance says it has saved the Indianapolis Fire Department approximately $1.4 million in medical expenses at its rehab center in the firestation’s downtown headquarters.

“We’re so excited about what this new space will let us accomplish when it comes to improving the quality of life for local first responders,” Vandever said. “These professionals signed up to serve our community. They want to be active and out there instead of on the sidelines recovering. They choose to put their lives on the line for us. It’s an honor to work side by side with them and give these heroes the quality of care they deserve.”