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Radius Indiana announces pitch competition winners

BEDFORD, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) — Radius Indiana has released the winners from its “Royalty-free IP” pitch competition that was virtually held on July 30. Elevate Ventures and Naval Surface Warfare Center-Crane Division worked with Radius on the competition that offered $5,000 in cash prizes.


  •     First Place – Sarpedon $3,000 
  •     Second Place – ValgoTech $1,500 
  •     Third Place – Pierce Aerospace $500 

Sarpedon’s winning pitch involved Crane technology for preventing integrated circuit tampering, which is an ongoing project they were able to incorporate with Crane’s technological capabilities. 

ValgoTech’s eight member team focused on a battery charger and power reduction system to lengthen the life of, and accelerate battery charging for drones.

Pierce Aerospace used Crane tech to implement drone tracking to help identify drones in the air. 

Each team was allowed 10 minutes to present their pitch, with slideshow presentations to the judges and a question and answer session included for each team. Participants were judged on certain criteria ranging from sales approach, identifying markets and explanation of major milestones. 

Event judges were Eric Steele from Elevate Ventures, Joyce Polling from Ivy Tech and Matt Craig from Radius Indiana.