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STEM game set for global distribution

Mind Labs teaches kids about electric circuits. (Photo courtesy: Explore Interactive)

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) — A West Lafayette-based startup that makes science-focused games for elementary-age students is now on a path to have its learning sets distributed worldwide.

Explore Interactive has entered an agreement with California-based PASCO Scientific Inc. to distribute the MindLabs product.

PASCO is a global distributor of innovative tools to teach and learn science.

“Together, we envision a future where high-quality digital interactions, like our MindLabs AR, are integrated with hands-on STEM experiences to maximize student learning outcomes,” said Amanda Thompson, chief executive officer of Explore Interactive. “PASCO’s global network of educators will accelerate the adoption of MindLabs worldwide, enabling us to nurture young learners everywhere.”

Purdue says Explore Interactive’s gamified learning sets will be sold in English-language markets as part of PASCO’s summer and year-long learning enrichment packages.

“MindLabs’ creative approach is a game-changer for young learners,” said PASCO Scientific CEO Richard Briscoe. “The integration of augmented reality into hands-on science creates a new dynamic that makes it easier for younger students to explore complex concepts, like electricity and circuits, through play.”

In December, Inside INdiana Business highlighted Mind Labs when it was named as a top holiday STEM toy.

Explore Interactive has received support and guidance from the Purdue Foundry.


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