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The Juice launches out of High Alpha

(photo courtesy of The Juice)

INDIANAPOLIS (Inside INdiana Business) — A new startup that has developed a business-to-business content discovery platform has launched out of Indianapolis venture studio High Alpha. The Juice says its platform serves as the first on-demand hub for marketing and sales professionals to access a variety of “thought leadership and educational content” to help them learn and grow professionally. Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Gandolf says the company is already looking toward future growth by securing funding and adding jobs.

Gandolf tells Inside INdiana Business the goal is to curate B2B content in the same vein as Netflix or Spotify.

“The time is now; that’s what our team has been talking about,” said Gandolf. “This has happened across so many different mediums. Everything is curated for us. I even give the extreme example of dating is curated; you can open up a mobile app and we’re curating other human beings into each others’ lives, and that sounds crazy to say out loud but that’s just how second nature it is.”

The Juice says the platform allows sales and marketing professionals to find, share and save content from throughout the internet based on the users’ personal preferences, job functions and seniority, among others. The platform has more than 50,000 articles, videos, podcasts and ebooks available to members.

“The Juice is turning content marketing upside down, fundamentally changing both the way brands distribute content and how consumers discover it,” High Alpha Partner Kristian Andersen said in a news release. “The Juice is already gaining enormous traction with individuals who want a better way to learn and grow professionally. We’re excited to be partnering with Jonathan and his team to provide the market with what they’ve desired since the dawn of content marketing.”

Gandolf previously served as head of marketing at Indianapolis-based Springbuck and chief marketing officer for Braxton Brewing Co. in Kentucky. Co-founder Eric Sendelbach, who serves as chief technology officer, is the former CTO at Indy-based MOBI and later vice president of technology Tangoe, which acquired MOBI in 2018.

Looking forward, Gandolf says the startup is already planning for growth.

“We’ve got goals on growing the number of consumers on our platform and growing the revenue from the brands on our platforms as well,” he said. “So, our team is marching toward both of those goals and at the same time, as we grow within the High Alpha framework, we’re now nearing that stage where we kind of step a little bit outside of the High Alpha model and go fundraise on our own and we’re getting ready to do some seed fundraising as a team, set some really aggressive growth goals and continue on some of the momentum that we’ve built to this point.”

The Juice currently employs eight people and is looking to add fill four more positions. Gandolf says once seed funding has been secured, the company plans to grow to nearly 30 employees over the next two years.


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