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Hoosier Thanksgiving hot spots: Mississippi Belle Southern Soul Food

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — For Jay Wilson, the owner of Mississippi Belle Southern Soul Food, the recipe to their continued success is simple — their food is “just from scratch and love.”

When Wilson thinks of Thanksgiving, he remembers that his community kept Mississippi Belle going through an 18-month shutdown.

“The overwhelming support and love is gratifying — it really is,” he said.

During Thanksgiving season, he encourages customers to grab some of their favorite sides like the macaroni and cheese, greens and yams.

For dessert, the competition is stiff between their chess pie and sweet potato pie.

Wilson gave News 8’s Randall Newsome his vote.

“For me it’s going to be the chess,” he said. “It’s rich, creamy and buttery.”

However, he said all year round and especially in November, both pies are usually flying off the shelf.

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