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Hoosier Thanksgiving hot spots: Wick’s Pies

WINCHESTER, Ind. (WISH) — When Mike Wickersham thinks of Thanksgiving, he thinks of two things: family and pie.

It’s been more than 75 years since his family’s name became known for producing what would become with Indiana’s favorite sugar cream pie.

“We’re quite proud to offer it and we’re quite proud that it is as good as it is,” said Michael Wickersham, Wick’s Pies president.

A business that was started by his mom and dad discovered a family recipe that was good enough to earn a patent for sugar cream pies in 1962. A feat, Michael says, at the time no one ever tried.

Now all these years later, Wick’s Pies doesn’t just sell in Indiana, but also in Ohio, Kentucky and Michigan. They’ve added several flavors, but sugar cream is still the one that sets them apart. “We make, bake and sell more than anybody else does,” Wickersham said. “We draw in from about a 50-, 60-mile radius people drive in to pick up the pies.”

He says though when November hits the pace definitely picks up. “We are tremendously busy this time of year when people coming in and buying our frozen pies or buying our Mrs. Wick’s fresh baked pies,” he said. “It’s pretty much all day long.”

They make from 300 to 500 pies each day just to keep up with the demand that comes with the holidays. That usually means all hands on deck, even his own.

“They don’t give me too many skilled jobs, but I’ve done a little bit of everything,” he said and then laughed.

However, anyone who sees him in action will notice that he does majority of the work with a smile on his face. Whether it’s talking to the staff or the employees, visitors get the feeling that they have become his second family.

“We’ve got a lot to be thankful for,” he said.