International Space Station getting first oven for out-of-this-world cookies

The International Space Station is getting its first-ever oven for baking cookies in space. (Provided Photo/CNN)

(WISH) — Houston, there’s been a breakthrough in the baking situation from space.

For the first time, chocolate chip cookies will be made out of this world.

Sure, astronauts have been able to get their hands on Tang and freeze-dried ice cream in the past, but a warm, fresh baked cookie was never on the menu — until now.

A company called Zero G Kitchen has developed a special oven that will be shot into space on Saturday.

Until this mission, astronauts were only able to reheat their food in space, there was no actual baking.

But when the new oven is installed on the International Space Station, it will be the first appliance for a kitchen of the future.

No one is yet sure what cooking will be like in zero gravity, but they’ll soon find out.

CNN Newsource contributed to this report.