Internet chattering about dentures posted in buy, sell & trade group

LIVINGSTON, Texas (WCMH) – A Texas man’s attempt to sell a set of false teeth on Facebook has left quite a few people smiling.

On Saturday, Terry Thomas Smith posted several photos of a set of dentures in the Livingston, Pole County – Buy, Sell & Trade group, offering them for sale for $100.

The post read:

yes, i will try to get actual size, so …. these are used and only worn 3 times

The response has been priceless. As of 10:15 p.m. Tuesday, the post has been shared nearly 50,000 times.

“Can we try them on before we buy? ? asking for a friend,” asked Marco Bautista.

“Interested my friends baby daddy don’t have no teeth and I need to see if the jail will let him have them first…HOLD PLEASE?,” said Melisa Kaye.

One comment, posted by Ivon DeLa O, did manage to offer some practical advice.

These are absolutely custom made, I work in the dental industry and you have to have had impressions done in order for these to be made, these weren’t just picked up off a Walmart shelf, they were made for the person whomever the name is in small letters on the upper denture. Also this is not hygiene friendly, the person wearing these might have had periodontal disease which in fact can be spread by try and scrub these with dish soap. Worn only 3 times or not this is absolutely gross. Also whoever is crazy enough to purchase these will be disappointed that they will not in work in their mouth because not everyone has the same bone level, when there is loss of teeth, you lose bone which causes the anatomy of your bone to shrink…. So no there is no “size”..small medium or large for you to figure out lol. If someone is looking for dentures your best option is to go to a denture specialist or your local dentist. You’re welcome.


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