Investigating Peru’s haunted woods

PERU, Ind. (WISH) – There’s a legend the woods near the Mississinewa River in Peru are haunted. People talk about how visitors will hear a small child scream as if she is being tortured; supposedly, it is a 7-year-old girl named Stephanie.

According to Jeff King, an investigator with Truth Seekers Paranormal Investigations and the Miami County Historical Society, Stephanie and the eight bodies found on the property are just a myth.

The stories of an Indian burial ground nearby are true, and so were the uneasy feelings felt while visiting.  King brought along some tools to help with the investigation, something called a K2 meter. It’s a go-to for every reputable paranormal investigator, whether they’re a starter or at the professional level. 

For the scary part, everything starts in the dirt circle at the end of County Road 510 East.  From there, the trails go in all different directions. As News 8 photographer Marcus Collins and I went into the woods, something strange happened. Marcus noticed his microphone, the same mic he had just put brand new batteries in, is giving him static and problems. 

King spoke to the spirits to try and entice them out.

“We’ve noticed some interference with the camera,” said King. “We would love to hear from you, Marcus would love for you to say his name.” 

But nothing happens.  At one point, King points out the old Indian burial ground. I decided to head that way by myself to try and entice the ghosts to show up. After a few minutes, nothing was showing up on our K2 meter. Although, I didn’t get any definitive proof that day, the feeling surrounding those woods is something I will never forget.