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Investigators battle cold to determine cause of Fishers fire

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The investigation continues after a big fire destroyed a luxury apartment building in Fishers.

Investigators believe it could take months before they know the exact cause. The fire happened at The Flats in Fishers Marketplace early Tuesday morning. The building was under construction and vacant at the time. Two other buildings, including a clubhouse onsite were not affected.

Several construction workers scoped out the fire damage Thursday afternoon, just two days after a massive fire broke out at the Flats.

“I see a building that’s unsafe,” said John Mehling, Fishers Fire Department. “Due to the weight that’s on the building now.”

The multi-million dollar building is one of three buildings on The Flats property. It has been under construction since last year, and was scheduled to open April.

“This could be one of those situations to where the investigators just don’t have enough evidence to say one way or another that this is the cause,” said Mehling.

The building still stands, but investigators said the freezing temperature is turning everything inside the structure into ice.

“The problem with the ice right now aside from what it’s doing to the structure itself, is that its incasing whatever evidence that’s in there,” said Mehling. “So to protect the evidence, we have to be very careful removing that ice from around it.”

Mehling said it could take months to find out the cause of the fire because of the extensive damage, but there’s a possibility, that the cause could be undetermined.

24-Hour News 8 learned that investigators are in the process of conducting interviews with people, who are involved in the project.

“Essentially, they’re trying to recreate the 24-hours prior to the fire,” said Mehling. “Get an idea with what was going on before to help assess some of the things they’re looking for once they’re able to get inside of the building.”