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Invisible art covers downtown Fishers sidewalks

FISHERS, Ind (WISH) – A new type of art can be found outside Fishers’ city hall, but in order to see it, you need water.

At Fishers’ Liberty Plaza, cascading water is used to beautify the structure. To enhance its sidewalks, the city once again turned to H2O.

It’s called hydrophobic art. For the past several weeks, a local artist painted patterns. It’s invisible to the naked eye. But if you happen to spill water, the sidewalks transform.

“I think it’s really unique, and I’ve never seen anything like it before,” Fishers resident Josie New said.

“I think it’s really cool, and it looks like the water like evaporated, and it made it look like it was always there,” Fishers resident Megan Schmutte said.

“I think it is very pretty,” Fishers resident Nolan Campbell said. “I really like the designs.”

The unique attraction was drawn up by Jessica Springman with the Fishers Arts Council to fit in with the area’s entrepreneurial theme. “Putting this art here really is an effort to adding another layer of interest and curiosity and discovery in the Nickle Plate District,” Fishers Parks and Recreation Director Tony Elliot said.

How was it made? Using a stencil, a repellent paint was applied, which helps keep the artwork dry.

“Very similar to a decking sealant that you put on your exterior deck to protect it from water,” Elliot said. The artwork won’t last forever. From wear and tear of people walking over it, the city expects it to vanish in two years.

“It just adds a layer of culture and interest, I think, to downtown Fishers,” Elliot said.

It also gives people a reason to play in the rain and find hidden treasure. “It was cool to just see it all come out,” Schmutte said. “We just pour the water and it all just started coming.”

“Just to have it in our city is really nice because you can just walk down here or drive and just admire the art,” New said.

There are no signs telling people about the art. The city hopes word of mouth and social media will spark people’s interest.

If you snap a photo of the water art and use the hashtag #foundinfishers on social media, you could win a prize.