IPL manhole inspections near completion

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Indianapolis Power and Light has inspected 1,214 manholes in downtown Indianapolis following an underground explosion that wreaked havoc on March 19.

IPL began inspecting the manholes last week to prepare for the Final Four weekend. The company brought in back up from Chicago, Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio to help with the inspections.

The utility company originally planned to inspect about 300 manholes before the Final Four weekend, but now crews are inspecting all 1,260 located downtown. IPL tweeted that 34 manholes remain and they will be inspected in the next few days.

As for the cost of the additional crews, IPL does not have an estimate. The company will have to wait to see how many hours the crews work while they are here.

IPL Director of External Communication Brandi Davis-Handy said the money will come from the regular maintenance budget for the downtown district.