IPL to reevaluate manhole inspection policy

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — IPL teams have been working around the clock since the March 19 explosions to make sure the streets are safe.

IPL said the final 34 manholes near White River State Park are scheduled to be checked this week.

“More than 12,000 manholes were inspected. Over the weekend, 16 new locks were placed over covers. More are needed and have been ordered ,” IPL spokesperson Brandi Davis said.

Not all the manhole covers will have the locks. They have been ordered, but won’t arrive until after the Final Four, leaving some community members to say it isn’t good enough.

“I’m extremely concerned. I work downtown but I travel in. I’m here enjoying the day with my kids. I don’t want anything to happen to anyone,” said Casandra Siktewverg.

IPL says the city is in the loop about what safety measures are underway.

“Public safety is job one and we will continue to work closely with IPL to provide a safe environment for everyone in Indianapolis,” Public Safety Department Spokesperson Al Larson said.

IPL said, they usually check manholes every three years but will reevaluate that policy. According to IPL, a team of crew members will re-check the locked covers before the Final Four.