IPS students training to be firefighters

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Students from Indianapolis Public Schools will be training to be a firefighter and getting school credit for it.

A total of 11 IPS students, eight seniors and three juniors, are apart of the year long IPS- Indianapolis Fire Department Fire Science program. The  program is its third year as part of the Career Technology Center at Arsenal Technical High School.

Students, interested in a career as a firefighter go through realistic training and education. The students have gone through CPR certification, hose, engine and ladder training. For those in the program, the real rewards and lessons learned are things that will last them a lifetime.

“We start from day one this is team concept. This is family. You know, we depend upon each other for survival and for success,” said student William Alfke.

“This has taught me life lessons that I would use rather than just sitting in the classroom. i just love it,” student Victoria Legear said.

Students in the program will receive six credit hours at IPS and Ivy Tech. Organizers say they will offer scholarships for next year’s class.