College Football

IU football hoping to sprint past competition with new speed technology

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WISH) — Hoosier football is touting some new technology they believe will give them a leg up on other college football programs. 

It’s called the “1080 Sprint” and right now we’re hearing Indiana University football is the only program in the country that has it. 

It’s a computer device that uses resistance to measure your speed and power with every step. 

It isolates their weaknesses by identifying the flaws in each athlete. 

They can figure out if a player has issues with balance or even if there’s an unknown injury holding them back from reaching their potential. 

Another tech tool at their disposal is the EMG system which helps them measure muscle coordination. 

They use a 3D camera and laser technology to track their every move and it tells players what workout is best for them. 

They believe this new gear is going to help them have success as a team and help their guys chase their individual dreams of making it to the ultimate tryout in Indianapolis; the NFL Combine. 

“Every player that comes in here has the goal and the dream of going to play in the National Football League and we encourage that,” Head Strength Coach David Ballou said. 

“You send them up there for the most important job interview of their life,” Athletic Performance Coach, Dr. Matt “Doc” Rhea said.

They’ve had the 1080 Sprint technology for a few months now and they say they’ve already seen their players improving their speed. 

Now they hope they have a big enough jump on the rest of the college football world–to have the edge when the lace up for the 2019 season. 

The Hoosiers may have already seen some results in the 2019 NFL Combine. They had three participate in the event. 

Dan Godsil, a long snapper, capped off his combine with a record-breaking performance.

He was the top performing specialist in five out of the seven drills at the combine as a specialist and set a new record for the vertical and broad jump.

Now we’ll have to wait to see what this new technology can do with a brand new recruiting class and an entire offseason to work with.