Kickboxer Jerry Trimble speaks to Ivy Tech students in Noblesville

Kickboxing champion Trimble talks with student of Options School in Noblesville, Indiana

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Actor, stuntman and former world kickboxing champion Jerry Trimble spoke Tuesday to students from the Ivy Tech Community College Options Carmel and Options Noblesville campuses.

Trimble told students his story about overcoming bullying and dealing with adversity to become a world champion.

“My intention coming in here is that I plant seeds of hope, inspiration and empowerment into each of their minds, bodies and spirit. So when they walk out of here, they’ll know they have something special and they can tap into whatever they have. You know, it’s a process and hopefully I share my process with them so they can get something out of it to the point where they’re going, ‘Wow, I can actually, I can do that. I can do what he did. If it’s not becoming a world champion, it’s something else,'” Trimple said.

Options is a charter school designed to help students who are not succeeding in a traditional school setting and are at risk of not graduating high school.