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John Gregg makes LGBT rights a jobs issue

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Democrat John Gregg Monday promised to protect LGBT rights if he is elected governor. He says it’s a jobs issue.

And Republican Governor Mike Pence made a jobs announcement in Carmel where he also talked about the LGBT community.

The messages from the two candidates are very different.

The governor presided over an announcement by Determine, Inc., a software company from Silicon Valley in California.

“Our corporate headquarters is moving to Carmel, Indiana official today,” said CEO Patrick Stakenas.

Mike Pence says it’s an example of how his policies have been successful.

“Determine could have gone anywhere in the country, frankly, anywhere in the world, to locate their global headquarters for their global company,” he said, “and they chose Indiana.”

John Gregg unveiled a 35-point plan to create more new jobs and in the process said that Mike Pence is out of step with the business community because of his social agenda.

“The number one issue I still hear about is discrimination,” said Gregg. “We’ve got to do something to restore and rebuild Indiana’s reputation.”

It’s a position that comes with campaign promises.

“And I will commit as I have done during this whole campaign to repeal RFRA,” said Gregg. “I will sign the very first day an executive order on LGBT rights for state employees and contractors.”

But back at that Carmel jobs announcement it was the governor who condemned the attack on the LGBT community in Orlando, asking for a moment of silence.

Afterward Pence was asked if his position on LGBT rights has changed.

“My heart goes out to members of the LGBT community in Orlando,” he said.

And that’s all he would say.