‘Keep Ann Dancing’ campaign to host dance party fundraiser

“Keep Ann Dancing” campaign

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Indianapolis Cultural Trail is a little more than halfway to reaching their goal to “Keep Ann Dancing.” 

Ann Dancing is an electronic dancing art piece that sits on the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue.

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail will need some help from the community to have a chance to make it to their $262,000 Goal.

Most of the money will go towards replacing and upgrading Ann.

The rest will be used for improving the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

This Saturday is the grand finale of the campaign.

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They will be hosting a “Keep Ann Dancing” Dance Party on the Cultural Trail at Mass Ave.

It’s a free event that will include a DJ and of course, dance performances.

Karen Haley, an organizer for the “Keep Ann Dancing” campaign, told News 8 why she believes Ann Dancing is important to Indianapolis.

“She’s really an icon,” Haley said.

“She’s become our calling card. It’s a place where visitors and residents alike come and have her moment with Ann. I think we all can find that image on our iPhone or our mobile device and it’s fun. It’s great to see the city come alive and support arts and culture and dancing in our community.”

Any contributions to the cause will be matched by the Central Indiana Community Foundation, so when you give your donation instantly doubles.

For more information on the “Keep Ann Dancing” campaign or if you’d like to donate to the cause, click here.