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Keep Indianapolis Beautiful needs volunteers

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful needs volunteers

News 8's Richard Essex reports.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The land used for a pocket park on North Parker Street was donated.

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Inc. organized the park’s construction. The volunteers who maintain the park are involved and invested in the area. On the surface, the park is just a small playground with a few swings and three picnic tables. In reality, the park is a tool, according to Chris Staab of Rivoli Park Neighborhood association. 

“This park is a huge community engagement tool. As we were building it, I would have never thought that was going to happen. The more I see it happen, the more I have to keep it sustainable,” Staab said. 

Joseph Jarzen of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Inc. say the city has 800 block captains. He would like to have 1,000 more. People can apply online.

“The more we keep eyes on the street, the safer our communities will be, and, if we have block captains that are talking with their neighbors and get those folks to help pick up litter, yeah, they are picking up litter, which is incredibly important, but what is also important is that conversation. They are getting to know their neighbor, they are sitting on the front porch creating relationships and they are talking about what is going on on the street,” Jarzen said.

“If we know people and we interact with them or are at least aware of them, perhaps even doing projects with them, we are creating a better sense of community, which I think the end result, which I think results is a safer place,” Jarzen said.