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Keep it simple: Just call Pagenaud ‘Simon’

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — After going more than a year without a victory, Simon Pagenaud started out the month of May on the highest of notes: winning the IndyCar Grand Prix.

However, his focus has shifted to the greatest spectacle in racing.

“Well, it’s a very different mentality here at the (Indianapolis Motor) Speedway than it was at the Indy Grand Prix. It’s just a very different set of skills that you need to have obviously. At the Grand Prix, it’s about braking late, accelerating early, muscling the car around. Here, it’s a lot more about flowing speed and understanding traffic and timing,” Pagenaud said. 

You may have caught WISH-TV driver analyst Graham Rahal on “SportsLocker” on Sunday. Notice anything strange?

“Simon was on, you know, he was on a charge. Simon and I restarted together and he was just on a charge, and the setup was really strong,” Rahal said. 

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Driver Helio Castroneves said, “I used to joke around Simon but obviously, Simone, it’s kind of like a women’s name. So, you know, I stopped doing that, obviously, but Simon is the right one.”

Driver Will Power said, “Oh, his name is, well, I call him Simon but his name is Simon. I mean, ’cause that’s how the French say it. He’s always been Simon, he introduces himself as Simon.”  

Drive Max Chilton said, “Well, I haven’t heard about the debate. I call him Simon Pagenaud. That’s how I call him.” 

So what is it?! Simon? Simon? The best way to settle this debate is to go straight to the source!

“It’s very Americanized, but my real name is Simon, but let’s just keep it simple and say ‘Simon.’ It’s easy,” Pagenaud said.