Keeping pets safe from coyotes

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – If you’ve been noticing howling in the distance outside recently, that’s probably because it’s coyote mating season. Coyote sightings make many pet owners worry. Coyotes will hunt any time of year if given the chance.

News 8 talked to animal expert Larry Battson about it and he says you need to watch your pets all year round. Mating season for coyotes means that males of the species are more agitated than normal.

When it comes to hunting, it’s not any different than any other time of year. Coyotes are a major predator of field mice. We as humans create a lot of opportunity for them because field mice and mice, in general, live near homes and farms. Coyotes hunt at night and when they hunt when they see an opportunity. So when it comes to your pets be vigilant  

“Just understand the rules,” said Battson. “Just don’t let your pet puppy or pet kitty out after dark, especially if you go out your door and you can hear them howling or hear them making noises in the distance, talking to one another. That’s a really bad time to let your dog out.” 

An average coyote ranges from 22 to 42 pounds. One major tip, coyotes are scared of what they are unfamiliar with, so when you watch your pet they will most likely see you and go the other direction.