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Kid-ing with Kayla: Top Family Games in 2022

Kid-ing with Kayla — Spin Master Games shared a list of some of the best family games this year ahead of the holidays. It includes Soggy Doggy, Encanto House of Charms, and Sink N’ Sand, Less is More and Jumbling Tower. These make great gifts and are also handy to have as people gather during the holidays.

On Life. Style. Live, Thompson Clarke, Global Brand Manager of Spin Master Games described how each game worked. Kayla Sullivan and Randall Newsome played Jumbling Tower live.

Kayla’s three-year-old son played Soggy Doggy and loved it! Kayla produced a report featuring how it was the first toy he has actually played with since he typically enjoys messing with mom’s breakables, the trash and cardboard boxes.

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