Kid-ing with Kayla’s ‘crutch words’ since becoming a parent

Kid-ing with Kayla: What’s a crutch word? According to, it’s a word that becomes a filler in conversation , or is used for verbal emphasis , without adding any meaning to an utterance. For Indianapolis mom and WISH-TV special content creator Kayla Sullivan, a crutch word is any word or phrase she overuses because her brain is too busy being a stressed out mom. Some of her most common include, uh, um, actually, perfect, and great. Here’s her report on a time she realized this habit.

Not only does Kayla think using crutch words more often is a symptom of parenthood she said it also can rub off on your kids. Her son Allan uses the word great a lot too. One the commenters on Kayla’s video said, “I use nice so much my 3 year old says it to everything too”. Another mom said, “According to my children, I say “absolutely” a lot.” Kimmie said she uses, “No worries” when she indeed has lots of worries.

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