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Kokomo councilman’s hateful Facebook posts resurface

Kokomo councilman’s hateful posts resurface on Facebook

KOKOMO, Ind. (WISH) — A Kokomo councilman says he’s changed after a Facebook comment he made back in June of 2015 has resurfaced. In that comment, Greg Jones says Islam is a cult and other disparaging comments.

Councilman Greg Jones still holds his seat as the 4th district councilperson in Kokomo, but some people say he shouldn’t.

Since the comments surfaced, any Facebook pages relating to Councilman Jones have been taken down. If you call his phone number listed on the city’s website, you get a message saying his phone has been disconnected.

Many people we spoke with were hesitant to go on camera to talk about the comments. Most of the time, they said something similar to ‘Yikes!’ when we told them one of their city’s representatives called an entire religion “Goat-humpers” in a Facebook post.

“It’s incredibly politically incorrect, of course, for any kind of a leader for the inner city of Kokomo or outer skirts of the county to even think about making such a comment,” Howard County Resident Ryan Oiler said. “I mean I’ve got a 10-year-old little girl, what am I supposed to say to her if she hears that at school? There’s just no place for it in our society.”

According to the Kokomo Tribune, the post said, “Islam is not a Religion it is a Theocratic Moon Cult. We should not give anything, especially the right to enforce their laws, to these 7th Century Goat-Humpers who have not figured out it is the 21st century.”

The post is dated back to June of 2015 along with other posts that share anti-islam and anti-LGBTQ views according to the Tribune. Jones tells the Tribune that he’s a changed man after researching Islam and admits it was ignorant and in bad taste, but even with the time that’s passed, not everyone agrees to let bygones be bygones.

“I would say no,” said Oiler. “If it was me voting in the inner city of Kokomo on something, I would say that that guy really shouldn’t be trusted.”

Kokomo Mayor Tyler Moore wouldn’t go on camera but issued a statement.

Jones didn’t respond to News 8’s request for an interview.


“The comments made on social media by Councilman Jones more than 4 years ago are extremely disturbing and do not reflect the views and beliefs of the Kokomo Common Council or my administration. Councilman Jones indicates that his views have evolved and he no longer holds those beliefs. As someone who believes in the power of repentance and redemption, I encourage Mr. Jones to make amends by reaching out to the local Islamic community and LGBTQ community — Face-to-face — as well as to his constituents in the 4th District in order to listen to their concerns, share his views and work toward a productive and meaningful reconciliation.”

Kokomo Mayor Tyler Moore