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LA Fitness stabbing sparked by relationship break-up

LAWRENCE, Ind. (WISH) — New details were released Friday in the stabbing investigation inside LA Fitness in Lawrence.

Police details paint a story of a romantic relationship gone wrong.

Bryan Fearman, 22, is behind bars facing an attempted murder charge.

Bryan Fearman

According to court documents, Fearman and Lerron McDowell were on the outs after a year-long relationship.

The break-up included a restraining order against Fearman.

But the two continued to see each other and the feud grew worse.

On Tuesday, while McDowell was working out, court documents say Fearman walked in and asked McDowell for money he owed him.

Fearman said McDowell said, “No,” rolled his eyes and turned his back to continue working out.

That’s when Fearman pulled out a 10-inch-long kitchen knife and stabbed McDowell in his back before running out.

Witnesses said the knife was sticking out of McDowell’s back and he was in shock.

They say McDowell said it was his ex-boyfriend before he fell unconscious.

Police were able to track Fearman down in less than 30 minutes.

McDowell was taken to the hospital in critical condition where he underwent surgery. As of Friday evening, he has improved to fair condition.