Indianapolis 500

Last men standing in former Coke Lot: ‘This is our man trip’

SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WISH) — With this year’s Indianapolis 500 now gone, the thousands of campers packed up and went home.

“This is our man trip, so we’re going to keep coming as long as we’re able to,” said Aaron Gouin as he and five friends packed up after another successful weekend at IMS. “Come here for the four day party, nothing better.”

The group is from Canada and their tradition for the last five years is attending the Indianapolis 500, but not necessarily for the race.

“That’s a bonus, this is what we come here for,” said Gouin.

They camped in the infamous former Coke Lot, or Lot 1C.

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“Everybody here is pretty nice and they like to drink and have a good time so that’s what we’re all about,” said Gouin.

They weren’t the only stragglers that were picking up the pieces Monday morning.

Dawn Flowers and her husband and dogs headed back to Chicago. They’ve been in town since the Grand Prix of Indianapolis.

“(I) need a vacation, tomorrow is the vacation day,” said Flowers, saying she needs a vacation from her vacation. “Its exhausting, but it’s a blast.”

“It was fun to meet all the interesting people from everywhere pretty much,” said Frank Littrell, who’s been coming to the Indy 500 since the 1980s.