Check out the Indy restaurant that sells To-Go Margaritas!

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Yep. You read that right. To-Go margaritas are on the menu at this Indy restaurant.

In our kitchen today? Acapulco Joe’s, also known for their thick chips and two types of salsa! We make Fish Tacos and Crab and Fish Stuffed Peppers! 

About Acapulco Joe’s: 
•    The restaurant was originally started by Joe Rangel
•    When Grant bought the restaurant, he brought back a man named Butch, who was the chef when Joe Rangel owned the restaurant
•    Each day “God Bless America” is still played at Noon
•    The seven stars in the logo represent the seven times Joe Rangel tried to cross the border from Mexico into the U.S.
•    Offer daily drink and food specials – including #TacoTuesdays 
•    Open daily for BREAKFAST, lunch and dinner (the biscuits and gravy are phenomenal)
•    Outdoor patio


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