Lawrence police, fire departments create drone program

Lawrence police, fire create drone program

LAWRENCE, Ind. (WISH) — Lawrence police officers and firefighters are teaming up to provide an eye in the sky during emergency situations.

The departments are working together to create a new unmanned aerial vehicle program, or UAV.

The drones will be used during emergency events like a fire or during severe weather.

They will also assist investigators in various situations, including traffic crashes.

The drones will provide first responders with a unique overhead perspective, giving them more opportunities to possibly save lives in the process.

“They’re very necessary,” explained Marc Hickson with the Lawrence Fire Department EMS. “From the fire side, search and rescue… gives us the ability to monitor fire scenes. Law enforcement side, SWAT operations, special operations, gives them an extra tool to use.”

The Lawrence UAV team will have three drones in operation that are equipped with lights and thermal imaging cameras.