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Lawsuit filed after alleged ‘excessive force’ in Indiana jail

LOGANSPORT, Ind. (WLFI) – Blake Stewardson knows he deserved to be arrested for drinking and driving but he said what Logansport police and Cass County Sheriff’s employees did next was unconstitutional. 

“They slammed my face into a wall and let me fall to the ground,” said Stewardson. 

That was just the beginning.

“I got taken to a cell, tripped and slammed to the ground again,” said Stewardson. 

It appears officers were trying to take off his handcuffs in the video but Stewardson isn’t sure what they were doing on top of him. All he remembers is pain and panic.

“There was blood all over,” said Stewardson. “I thought I was going to die and I was held down for what felt like forever.”

“Why do you think they did this to you?” asked WLFI’s Kayla Sullivan

“Because they can,” replied Stewardson. 

Stewardson said officers forcibly stripped him naked, tied him to a chair and made fun of him.

“Made remarks about my manhood,” said Stewardson. 

Attorney Duran Keller said he has the highest respect for law enforcement.

“I mean, we have these people who voluntarily put their lives on the line for us every single day,” said Keller. 

However, he doesn’t respect what happened to Blake Stewardson at the Cass County Jail and he took this case to hold those officers accountable.

“When you’re put in a position of power like that, you have to have some restraint,” said Keller. “We need to make sure that some of those bad apples either aren’t on the force or they’re regulated so this doesn’t happen to anybody else.”

That’s why Stewardson agreed to release the video to the public.

“It’s hard to watch but if it helps and it stops it from happening then that’s more important,” said Stewardson. 

To read Stewardson’s official complaint, click here

We reached out to Cass County Attorney Jeff Stanton for comment on this case but have yet to hear back.