Leaders gather to discuss ‘disruptive technology’

ODON, Ind. (Inside INdiana Business) — Business leaders and innovators from throughout the state gathered Tuesday at Purdue@WestGate in Odon to discuss the impact of disruptive technologies on Indiana’s economy. The panel focused on technologies such as IoT, autonomous vehicles and connected manufacturing, and their implication for the state.

Purdue@WestGate Director Jason Salstrom talked about the event with Inside INdiana Business Host Gerry Dick, who moderated the panel.

“The intent is really to raise awareness on the opportunity and some would say the risk coming with the disruptions of what’s called Industry 4.0 or the ‘data revolution,’” said Salstrom. “I’ve seen numbers as high as 48% of jobs being disrupted over the next decade, business being disrupted, so (we’re) just raising awareness of the opportunities in the new technology that’s coming.”

Salstrom says it’s an educational process to learn about disruptive technology and the goal is to get innovators motivated to understand what it really means for businesses in all industries, as well as the state as a whole. “A lot of the businesses that I work with really keep their heads down, delivering orders, and they’re not really staying alert to what is impacting their industry over the next decade or two.”

Salstrom says, especially for manufacturing and logistics, it is important to leverage data, blockchain and other new technologies in order for the state to maintain its competitiveness in the sector.