LivRite Fitness is helping people reach their fitness resolutions with new gym in Fishers

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — LivRite Fitness is celebrating the grand opening of its brand new location in Fishers.

The gym is a family business and faith-based organization that started out in Belleville, Illinois, and now has multiple locations throughout central Indiana. Greg Lymberopoulos, who owns the franchise, says the focus of the gym has always been to do more than just help people get in shape.

“The heart of LivRite is really just helping people, their journey and ultimately their fitness too,” Lymberopoulos said.

“We help people” is also the mission that appears throughout the gym and for a reason. It’s a message the gym wants people to see as the atmosphere they want you to feel.

Greg says after bringing his clubs to Anderson, Indianapolis and Noblesville, it was his faith that led him to set up shop in Fishers.

LivRite’s new gym, located at 13454 Parkside Drive in Fishers, includes:

  • More than 40 cardio machines
  • Group fitness classes/personal training
  • Hammer strength free weights
  • Resistance machines
  • Outdoor training ramp
  • Heated indoor swimming pool
  • In-club cafe
  • In-gym child care

Greg’s son, Kyle Lymperopoulos, believes the trainers at LivRite can meet you wherever you are on your fitness journey and help you become a better version of yourself.

“We have classes included with membership for everyone, whether they’re starting or been going at it for a long time,” said Kyle, who is the fitness director at the gym.

Kyle wants newcomers to LivRite, who are trying to stick with their new year fitness goals for the long run in 2020, to know they have a staff that will stick with you until you’ve reached your fitness resolutions and beyond.

“It’s hard to stay consistent so you need help and that’s what we’re here for,” Kyle said. “When you get down you need somebody to bring you back up.”

Click here if you want to sign up or need more information on LivRite Fitness in Fishers.

There are also some special rates for new members starting January 2, 2020. If you want to find out more on gym hours and a schedule of events for the grand opening click here.