Indianapolis 500

Local brewery Flat 12 supports injured driver Hinchcliffe

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — IndyCar driver James Hinchcliffe remains in the hospital after a horrible crash during practice earlier this week.

He’s expected to make a full recovery and the support continues to pour in.

Even though Hinchcliffe won’t be racing in Sunday’s Indianapolis 500, his presence will be felt.

A local brewery has stepped up to support him.

There’s little doubt local brewery Flat 12 Bierwerks supports IndyCar.

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“Flat 12 was actually named after a racing engine, we’re an Indianapolis brewery, we’re right in the heart of racing,” said Sean O’Connor, President of Flat 12.

They even sell a beer made in partnership with driver James Hinchcliffe, called Hinchtown Hammer Down.

O’Connor, a friend of Hinchcliffe’s, wanted to do something for the driver after learning his injuries took him out of the Indy 500.

“When we saw the new hashtag going ‘#GetWell5oonHinch’ out there at the speedway, that’s when we came up with the idea. There’s a really good movement,” he said.

They started making shirts and selling them for $15 a piece.

“All the proceeds will go to a charity of James’ choosing,” O’Connor said.

Hinch fan Mimi Truex was one of the first to buy a shirt after they went on sale.

“We just happened to come in to get some kegs for our party and I saw the shirt and thought ‘I have to get one,'” she said.

She goes to the race every year and said she’ll proudly wear the shirt.

“I think it’s amazing, the collaboration to have that. I think it’s awesome,” she said.

O’Connor hopes to fill the track with Hinch’s name.

He’s not only hoping people bring the shirts to the race track on Sunday, he is hoping you pick up a four-pack and take it, too.

Thursday alone, the brewery filled 600 cans of Hammer Down for people to take to the track.

Cans stamped with a very special addition, the slogan of the moment: #GetWell5oonHinch.

Before doors opened, they’d already sold about 60 shirts and they sold at least a dozen Thursday afternoon.

One person even paid $1,000 for one to have the money donated to charity.