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Local businesses ramp up safety measures amid pandemic

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Some local businesses are looking for ways to improve the safety of both their customers and their employees.

Some Chick-fil-A stores are going cashless and transactions are card-only in an effort to reduce passing around cash from person to person.

Fresh Market is perhaps taking the most aggressive approach to coronavirus by asking shoppers to start wearing masks inside the store. 

Signs reminding shoppers to wear a mask greet consumers at the doors of Fresh Market. Several people in the store Wednesday were not wearing a mask, so it may not be a true requirement despite the company’s statement on their website.

Businesses that can, are shutting customers out of the store altogether to reduce spreading germs on the inside. Gillespie Florists says it’s really put minds at ease since they implemented the policy and started handling business at car windows rather than the door.

“I was one that opted to not work when this all started,” Crystal Armoldvicha said. “Then we got really, really busy, which was amazing and, you know, us being closed to the public like that then taking precautionary measures like that to meet them out here – I feel safe with that, I feel comfortable with that myself. So that’s why I’m here.”

Cunningham Restaurant Group, which owns Charbonos in Avon, says they’ve focused on improving little things like stapling bags shut, not waiting outside for customers, and making sure the food is packaged in the safest way.

“How are we handling that?” Charbonos marketing director Carissa Newton said. “How do we make sure that we don’t have walk-ins occur when we’re not ready for them? It’s been constant monitoring being able to watch the guest experience, being able to take that feedback.”

“We’ve actually been pretty fortunate,” Armoldvicha said. “Most people, again, they are taking their own precautionary measures and they are paying with card ahead of time over the phone. So there is no transaction with cash. Very rarely does that happen.”