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Local movie theater tightens security following shootings

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Movie theater shootings recently have big and small theaters considering new security measures.

The attack that happened in Tennessee on Wednesday was the last straw for the Georgetown 14 theater complex. Management there said security changes are on the way.

Those changes are estimated to cost around $5,000, not including the cost of the on-duty officer that will be added to the weekend shifts. The added cost, the GM said, will not be passed on to the customer.

New signs that say advising that no guns are allowed and the area is under surveillance will be added.

Cameras will be placed inside the theater, in the lobby and around the outside exterior.

“We will also check people coming in with large bags and backpacks. I hope these changes will keep employees and guest safe. What happened in Colorado and Tennessee has impacted us to a certain extent. We want to be proactive and we think this is a big first step,” said Georgetown 14 GM Lee Freedman.

“I want to feel comfortable while I am working and I want people who visit to feel the same way. Safety is first, entertainment next,” said assistant manager Dionna Patton.