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'Now it's all gone': Thieves steal Indy family's Christmas presents, TV, food

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) -- Just weeks before Christmas, a family is trying to figure out what to do after presents, food and electronics were stolen from their east side home.

Thousands of dollars' worth of presents were taken Thursday morning.

Jimmy Brown wants to make sure his grandchildren get the Christmas they deserve.

Brown was in shock that someone would steal every Christmas present from his daughter's house.

The thieves made off with her miniature Christmas tree, too, Brown said. 

"She's been saving and buying here for Christmas, and now it's all gone," said Brown.

Brown was devastated as he walked through his daughter Tomara's house after he says it was ransacked by thieves. 

His daughter was too upset to go on camera.

"They kicked the back door in right here. She got it rigged up a little bit right now, but the lock's broken," Brown said.

According to a police report, the break-in happened between 10 a.m. and noon Thursday while the family wasn't at their home near 30th Street and Sherman Drive.

Brown lives next door to his daughter and two grandsons, who are 11 and 12.

The presents were not the only things stolen: Thieves also got away with three TVs, his grandson's new basketball shoes and two PlayStations.

"That's some dirty s**t man, it's Christmas," said Brown. "You're stealing from poor people. Now my grandkids don't have anything for Christmas." 

But Brown says the stealing spree didn't stop there.

"They took her microwave, all the canned goods, the food out of the refrigerator, they took all her food," said Brown.

With no leads from police, Brown said he's going to try to bring Christmas back to his daughter and grandkids.

"It was probably just some dope heads," said Brown. "Usually somebody is here. They had to know that, because they had to know we're all related." 

Brown said he hopes whoever is behind the thefts will be caught.

"They are scared to stay here now," said Brown. "They don't want to stay here. Then they do come home today, and they have no TV to watch, nothing. No food to eat. Gotta go to the store and buy them food and get them a TV from the pawn shop, I guess. You know, it's just kind of the wrong time. I mean there's never a good time, but today is really a bad time."

If you know anything about this call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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