14 charged with burglary following weekend protests; no charges filed against nonviolent protesters

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Marion County’s prosecutor will not be filing charges against nonviolent protesters from last weekend.

Prosecutor Ryan Mears says he will decline to file charges against individuals arrested for nonviolent protesters.

However, 14 people have been charged with burglary, a level five felony, for stealing items from businesses.

“We will not file criminal charges against those who came downtown to stand against injustice and make their voices heard through peaceful demonstrations,” Mears said in a statement. “For us, the unfortunate choices by a few will not dilute the critical message carried by the majority.”

The prosecutor’s office said charges were declined in 41 cases.

IMPD spokeswoman Grace Sibley said in an email Monday that a total of 115 arrests were made during the weekend.

Of those, 83 people were from Indianapolis, 13 were from other Indiana localities, one from was out of state and three were homeless. IMPD said 15 other people arrested were from “unknown” locations.