2 friends hope to sprint their way to Rio together


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Two friends who went to high school in central Indiana, both have Olympic-sized dreams. This weekend they’ll try to make the USA 400 meter Olympic track team.

Patrick Feeney and Chris Giesting have a chance to do something special. They’ve been working for the past four years to try and make the Olympic team heading to Rio, but what’s interesting is how their friendship began.

“It’s been a rivalry a friendly rivalry for the longest time, six to seven years here,” said Chris Giesting.

Feeney from New Palestine Indiana and Geisting from Batesville, both went on to become track stars at Notre Dame. They set records in college and currently work as Volunteer Assistant Coaches from The Fighting Irish.

They’ve been battling for years always staying neck and neck. They live together, work together and train together.

“There’s something about competing everyday against one of the guys you know is one of the best guys in the country, and you don’t want to lose or back down,” said Giesting. “I think that is the reason I am here having such success and it’s because of him too.”

“Just practices in general, when he got here we were battling every single day. Each of us would try to go a step in front of the other so it would push the other guy,” said Feeney.

What started it all was chance meeting at a small track for a high school state track final in 2010.

“I got out really hard and Chris was in lane two, and I was in lane one and I passed him in the first 100 meters,” said Feeney.

Giesting described the race as a “dog fight”

“First 100 meters he tried to put it away early and just blew by me,” said Giesting. “Then with 100 meters left it was just neck and neck.”

Feeney said they ran together side-by-side the whole race and in the last 50 Feeney said “I started dying a little bit.”

“I kind of leaned and because I was tired, I just fell across the line,” said Feeney. “He [Giesting] just became airborne trying to dive and he pretty much fell on the lane and skidded across it.”

“Currently I’m the fastest person to lose the Indiana state meet, and Chris is the fastest third place finisher in state history,” said Feeney.

Now they’re better friends and even better sprinters, both preparing for the Olympic trials together.They also both won gold as part of the 4×400 2016 IAAF World Indoor team. They realize this weekend’s trials will be the toughest test yet.

“It’s such a deep field for the us. It’s the toughest team in the world to make regardless of any sport it is the toughest team to make we got 28 guys battling for a few spots,” said Giesting.

No matter the outcome in Eugene Oregon, They both know they wouldn’t be where they are without each other.

“I never thought me and Chris would get to this point in our track and field career,” said Feeney.

“Unreal, I don’t know that’s not something you really think about two kids from small town Indiana that you know unbelievable if that would happen for us,” hopes Giesting.

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