2 women selling yard signs to show support for police officers

WAYNETOWN, Ind. (WISH) — Two women in Montgomery County hope their efforts to back the blue will carry across the country.

Bonnie Mills and Mindy Byers have sold hundreds of signs to support police.

On Friday, the pair went to the annual Waynetown Fish Fry to try and sell hundreds more. Mills, who is the mother of an officer, said her goal was to show police people care.

“Everywhere across the nation, these guys are personal and most of them very caring guys,” Mills said.

She said she understands why some people are calling for changes to policing but added that most officers are in the profession for the right reasons.

Mills began her project to paint the town blue with just 50 signs. Those sold quickly.

She stopped in the Montgomery County Courthouse in Crawfordsville to sell a few, and that’s when Mindy Byers jumped on her sign-selling team. The two said their efforts have already traveled across state lines.

“I had a request for more than 20 just on the drive in here today, so it’s been a real good reception,” Byers said.

Byers has no personal connection to law enforcement, but, after recently going through a difficult situation, said she can’t imagine a world without police.

“Twelve weeks ago tonight, my cousin’s daughter had been killed, so it was all very fresh. We rely on those officers to go into those situations like that that are very scary and we rely on them to do the work that they have to do for justice,” Byers said.

The money raised will go back into buying more signs. The two will be selling signs at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Kroger grocery in Crawfordsville.