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5 road projects to join list of Indianapolis construction zones

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The price tag is $6.1 million for the Indianapolis Department of Public Works’ latest slate of construction projects that are set to start in August.

The road work joins a robust list of major roadways already undergoing rehabilitation in Indianapolis this construction season. The latest additions, the rehabilitation of five roads around Indianapolis, are expected to take a year to complete.

The projects include:

  • Madison Avenue from Shelby Street to Perry Street.
  • Maryland Street from Schumacher Way to West Street.
  • White River Parkway West Drive from Washington Street to Saulcy Street.
  • Raymond Street  from Capitol to Webb St and from Ransdell to Pleasant Run Parkway

“It is going to be a smoother, nicer drive for people that use these segments of roads,” said Hannah Scott-Carter, public information officer with Public Works.

A city once known for its pothole population is now doing its best to patch the situation, which unfortunately results in a headache for some drivers.

“It seems like something has to be fixed every summer, but at least they are fixing it, you know,” said Rob Babbs, who frequently visits downtown Indianapolis.

“My dad always said when they are working on it, it’s going to get worse before it gets better., but once it gets better, it is better for quite a while,” Babbs added.

Scott-Carter said, “Construction is a little inconvenient but it is a necessary thing of life, and we always ask for people to be patient. Obviously, residents of Indianapolis want nice roads to drive on and to have that we have to have construction.”

The projects are not in the heart of downtown but are on major roadways that see a lot of traffic, such as Maryland Street outside of Victory Field and White River State Park.

In his budget proposal to the City-County Council on Monday, Mayor Joe Hogsett said Public Works is on track to spend more than $1 billion on infrastructure from 2016-2023, a large portion of which going towards road construction.

Scott-Carter said, “Everyone can expect more construction next season.”

The projects will not close down the road segments. While construction is underway, drivers can drive through but will see regular lane changes as the work is done.

The five segments of road are expected to be done in August 2022, with work pausing during the winter months. It was not immediately clear which sections will be worked on first.