500 traffic signals to be ‘modernized’ as part of new INDOT project

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Indiana Department Of Transportation and the Indianapolis Department of Public Works are partnering on a new project aimed at improving traffic on city streets.

The effort comes ahead of what is planned to be a busy construction season with the reconstruction of the North Split.

INDOT says the upgrades are necessary for crews to be able to make quick changes during construction, accidents or other high traffic times with the goal of alleviating traffic on city streets.

“We know people will find alternate routes during construction, they’ll go on side streets when they would normally stay on the interstate,” said INDOT communications director Mallory Duncan.

As part of the $4.1 million plan, 500 traffic signals in Marion County will be modernized in three different ways. GPS time synchronization chips will be installed to help maintain time clocks for each signal. Cellular modems will also be installed to allow INDOT to adjust timing remotely. And some signals will have both Cellular modems and Closed Circuit Television cameras that can be viewed from INDOT in real time.

“When the lights are supposed to be working in conjunction with each other we hope traffic goes through, that’s our goal. But you will still see red lights and you will see congestion. This is just a proactive step to help alleviate some of that for them,” added Duncan.

In addition to the stoplights, the project includes spot corrections to 11 intersections in Marion County. These will add turn signals, turn lanes and make adjustments for bus route changes.


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